As a triathlete, I began using ZENRISE® after a friend recommended it to me. I was blown away by the results! I find it lasts for an amazing six hours. It improves my endurance, recovery and focus. It also helps me train at a consistent level without days off.

Karen S.
in her 20s, Newport Beach, CA

As a senior executive for a national fitness equipment company I travel more than I want to. The travel drains my energy and I find it difficult to keep my edge. ZENRISE® is great. It helps me maintain my concentration level and energy when I’m on the road and balanced when I get home.

John N.
in his 40s, ID

I’ve been a nurse for 19 years. As my years have creeped along, I started feeling very run down. I was so exhausted that every afternoon about 2:00 pm, I wanted to close my eyes and take a nap. Of course, that’s not an option in my line of work. Then I was introduced to ZENRISE®. I take it every morning, and now I have the energy to make it all day without feeling tired.

Barbara F.
in her 40s, MD

I am an executive for a major health club chain. I began taking ZENRISE® because my job demands long hours and I need to be on top of my game mentally, emotionally and physically every day. ZENRISE® keeps me in a highly positive, balanced state all day long. Plus, I find I’m still in a great mood when I get home to my wife and three children.

Pete L.
In his 40s, Portland, OR

Not only do I feel superhuman, this is the only energy drink that gives me greater clarity and focus to concentrate on my activities, at the office, in the gym or on the field.

J. Melrose
New York, NY

I have tried other energy drinks, but those clouded my thinking and left my body feeling worse than before I took them, so I stopped. ZENRISE® makes me feel better before, during and after my workouts!

T. Simpson

ZENRISE®  is Formulated and Made in the USA in a Pharmaceutical-Grade Facility